HIS Cable Pulling Products
Cable Pullers

Portable capstan-style pullers. Featuring a self-contained pulling frame, built-in sheaves, 2-speed motor and a choice of self-tailing or slip-type capstans.

The unique design helps reduce set-up time and manpower requirements, while increasing productivity and generally reducing the cost of cable installation.

Cable Tray Rollers

HIS Cable Tray Rollers can be combined to offer a variety of solutions for guiding cable.

Designed to roll cable above the tray, they can also be mounted under the tray. Simply clamp onto the tray, run rope and pull cable through the roller guides. Done.

Reel Rollers and Stands

Self-contained Reel Rollers handle large reels and multiple reels easily and cost effectively.

HIS Reel Rollers can be stationary, truck mounted, or trailer mounted. The heavy-duty gear-drive motor, with forward, reverse and vari-speed control, can be electric or hydraulic powered, and includes a safety foot-switch.


HIS Tensiometers provide continuous pulling tension readout for safer and more efficient cable installation.

The Tensiometer is self-contained in a weather-tight case, includes a digital readout, preset alarm, and instructions.

Sheaves and Blocks

HIS Business provides a wide variety of sheaves and blocks, from lightweight tools to heavy-duty, high-capacity sheaves and hangars.

Designed for everything from guiding cables in vaults and hand-holes, to the most demanding applications.